Make Your Dream Of Building A New Home in The Dayton Area A Reality!

Building A Home In Dayton OhioIf you are considering building a new home in the Dayton Ohio area, we are ready to help you get the information you need and the quality you want! When building a new home you should protect your investment with Realtor representation! As new construction specialists, we can be your buyer's agent in the building process.  Our expertise in real estate and new home construction ensures that you'll have a smooth, hassle-free, and pleasant experience while building the home of your dreams!

We've heard the disappointment in homeowners voices when they called us after the construction is done!  At that point of the process, there is nothing we can do.  Hindsight is 20-20. 

Whether you are considering a production home builder like Ryan Homes, Inverness Homes, MI Homes or a custom home builder like Clemens, Coates, Ellis, Rhoads, or Design Homes, all these builders are used to working with realtors!  

Call us BEFORE you visit a builder's model home!  We will schedule a tour of their model for you and will attend with you.  That way we can represent you!

As your new construction agent, we represent your interests from the shopping for builders, selecting a floor plan, negotiating the contract, guiding you during the entire construction, inspections, and seeing that you have the dream home you ordered.  Many agents show up only for the initial meeting with the builder.  We show up for each meeting, walk through, and help you with the home inspection prior to your final purchase.

Why you need an agent when building a new home.

No Cost To You
There is no cost to you when using a Realtor as your new construction agent. Builders desire and encourage Realtor participation. Compensation to the Realtor is paid by the builder and is considered a marketing fee that has no impact on the final cost of the home to a buyer. Builders hire very nice and competent salespeople at the builder’s models but keep in mind those sales agents are looking out for the best interest of the builder. That’s why you need an agent looking out for your interest.

Saving You Money
Are you getting what you’ve ordered – both in quality and value? We know what you should receive and what “upgrades” will be available and which will truly increase the value of your home.

Consider Appreciation, Profit & Resale
When building a home, we need to consider your investment in contrast to appreciation for resale. Considering questions of location, builder reputation, design popularity, and quality of craftsmanship are important. We understand that you are building not only for today but for the future as well. Give your investment the greatest opportunity for appreciation and ease of sale at the moment you need to relocate.

You Are Represented
With us by your side, you and your best interests are represented. Our experience, knowledge, and reputation represent strength and leverage on your behalf.

I want to build a houseBEFORE YOU VISIT A BUILDER’S MODEL HOME ...

Most builders have a policy that if you enter their model without a Realtor, you are their customer and cannot be represented by your own agent. However, most builders will honor your relationship with your Realtor if you tell the salespeople up front that you are working with Dayton Keller Williams real estate agents Don & Cyndi Shurts. When you give your name to the builder, give our name to them also.

It is always best to call us and we will be happy to meet you at the model and call the new home builder in advance. Builders do not give you any discount or price variation whether or not you have Realtor representation. They do sometimes oversell features and “upgrades” in a home that will NOT increase the market value of a home.


We have a personal interest in the resale value of your home as our future inventory to sell for you someday in the future. The builder has little interest in the future value. Present value and final sales price are his/her concern.

There are many wonderful builders in the Miami Valley. We work with new construction and have also built a home personally. Sometimes we can offer suggestions that very much affect resale pricing in the future that cost little or no money now, but ultimately can increase saleability or value of your home in the future.

Let us work with you in building your Miami Valley Dream Home. We will work through the obstacles for you so you can enjoy the process.

Here is a list of home builders in the Dayton Ohio area ...

Building a Ryans Home Builder

Artisan Estate Homes * Kahmann Construction Company Inc *Airway Construction Company * Knisley’s Construction * Anderson Resources * IQ Custom Homes * Arnold Enterprises Inc. * Ashford Construction & Development * McGovern-Willoughby Homes Ltd * M/I Homes * Associate Construction * Meixner Builders & Remodelers * Bailey Homes Inc. * Balogh Properties * Beaver-Vu Construction * Nick A. Peth Builder, LLC * Buskirk Custom Homes * Clemens R. M. Builder * M J Coates Homes * Rhoads R.A. Inc * Coventry Fine Homes * Ryan Homes * Custom Concepts Construction Company * David Emonin Construction * Design Homes & Development Company Inc * DeVol Daniel Custom Builder Inc. * Diorio R.L. Custom Homes * Sisson Design Builders * Dungan Custom Builders Inc * Ellis Custom Homes LLC * T.K. Constructions * Fishbaugh Homes * Fisher Richard W. Enterprises * Generations Construction * Unibilt Homes Inc * Gold Key Homes/Oberer Companies * Greater Dayton Construction Group Inc * Justin Doyle Homes * Haverstick Builders Inc * HBS Development * White G.A. Enterprises Custom Homes Inc * Hickey Building Comp * Inverness Group * Hills Communities * Peebles Homes LLC * Zengel Construction Company * Huber Donald L. Development Corp * Jonas Homes Inc

If you are thinking about building a home in the Greater Dayton area then give us a call or email to discuss the home building process and builder options. Our representation can save you thousands of dollars and peace of mind. Complete the information form below and we’ll get right back to you.

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