Dayton area horse farmsDo you own horses?  Imagine how wonderful it would be to have them on your own property.  You could look out your window and watch them graze and frolic in the pasture.  You would be able to go out any time you want, just for a few minutes of horse time; maybe a quick grooming session or just to hand them a few carrots or a peppermint.  The level of bonding between horse and rider in that scenario could never be achieved in a boarding situation.

dayton horse realtorsDayton Ohio horse properties come in all sizes and budgets.   You may own a few horses and dream of moving to a mini farm where you can keep your horses on the property and maybe even raise a few chickens!   Perhaps you currently own a farm but are getting into horse care a bit more and want to expand your business with a larger barn with more stalls and more available pasture.  You may be a horse trainer whose business is booming and you need a state of the art equine facility in the Dayton area complete with an indoor and outdoor arena so that you can keep your current clients satisfied, attract new prospects, and hold lessons and clinics.  Perhaps you are looking for an equestrian estate with an executive style home with barn and acreage for your horse hobby.    horse property for sale

There are a number of factors to consider when looking for a horse farm, such as the amount of acreage you will need for the number of horses that you will be keeping, the type of shelter you would like for your horses and hay storage, water source to the barn and pasture, and fencing.  We can help you think through the logistics and search for potential homes as it isn’t always easy to search for a horse property online; as Realtors with horses, we understand your needs and can target the properties and situations that are right for you and your budget.  No matter what your needs are or your dreams entail, we can help you find the right equine property for you!  Give us a call and we will set up a customized search for you!

Dayton horse properties for sale

Properties with 5 or more acres